Lives and works in Cairo (again since 2014)

Current Works

Myth of Creation, 2015 Venice Biennale, 2nd Edition in progress

“Bread Diaries”, Book to be published

“Haytham the robotic hand draws Haytham's Hand”, in progress

“History of Graphic Design in the Arab World”, Book to be published in 2018

“Language of Tomorrow”, Book to be published in 2018

Cairo Downtown Fonts, project with students of GUC (German University in Cairo)

Di-Egy Fest 0,1, Digital Arts Festival in Egypt, 1st edition in 2013

Cairotronica, Cairo Electronic and New Media Arts Symposium, 1st edition in 2016, 2nd edition in 2018


Fulbright Egyptian scholar program, UCLA, Los Angeles (2017–2018)

Fullbright Egyptian student program, School of Visual Arts, New York (2011–2012)

Pro Helvetia – Artist in residence in F+F School for Art and Media Design, Zurich (2007)


Visual Artist (since 2000)

Assistant Professor for Design, American University in Cairo (since 2014)
Graphic Design Program Director, American University in Cairo (since 2016)

Historical Event

Egyptian Revolution (2011)

First Works

“Mediterranean Dialogues”, Jardins et Donjon de la Citadelle, Saint Tropez (2007)

“Between the Hands of God”, Graduation Project at Faculty of Fine Arts (2000)

First Prize in Drawing, 16th Annual Salon of Youth, Ministry of Culture, Egypt


PhD, Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts (CAiiA Hub), The Planetary Collegium, Faculty of Arts, School of Art & Media, Plymouth University (2011–2015)

Master’s of Advanced Studies ZFH in Spatial Design / Scenography, Institute of Design & Technology, Zurich University of the Arts (2007–2009)

Master’s of Fine Arts in New Media Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo (2004–2007)

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Printmaking, Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo (1995–2000)

Qotour High School (1992)
Musa bin Nusayr Secondary School (1989)
Al Shean Primary School (1984)

Mother: Accountant

Father: Civil engineer

Older Sister: Housewife

Dream job as a child: Artist

Dream job as an adolescent: University Professor

Further Informations
American University of Cairo: Haytham Nawar

Mats Staub, Sandra Gysi, Cairo, 09.05.2017