Lives and works in Lausanne (since 1992)

Current Works

Sekunden später... zog sich die Gestalt in die Schatten zurück, Lausanne (2017)

Cactus Flower, Cairo (2016)

ISSHH(क), Lausanne/Bangalore (2016)


Several research trips and tours supported by Pro Helvetia to India (since 2011)

Tours and creation in Cairo (since 2015)

Cultural prize for dance from Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture (2009)


Choreographer (since 2006/2007), Dancer (since 1994)

Historical Event


First Works

Lui, Lausanne (2005)

One in a million, Lausanne (2004)

Madame K, Lausanne (2004)


Rudra Béjart, Lausanne (1992–1994)
The Vlaamse Dansacademie, Bruges (1991–1992)
Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, Switzerland (1990–1991)
Gymnasium Immensee (1984–1990)
Primary and Secondary School in Zug, Cham and Neerach (1977–1984)

Mother: Piano teacher, Shiatsu therapist
Father: Professor for economics and marketing
One younger sister: Acupuncture therapist

Dream job as a child: Circus artist

Further Informations

Mats Staub, Sandra Gysi, Zurich, 17.06.2017